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Fundraising Event: Christmas Tree Festival, Saturday 26th, 10am-4pm & Sunday 27th November, 1-4pm

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

St Andrew’s Church is hosting a Christmas Tree Festival on the first weekend of Advent, Saturday 26th 10am-4pm and Sunday 27th November 1pm-4pm. This ties in with Moffat Promotions Christmas Lights event in town on the Sunday.

Organisations from the community will have decorated the many trees on display. It will be an awesome sight!

There will be teas, coffees, mince pies and shortbread in the hall as well as stalls. On Sunday there will be a hog roast at the gates to the church to help stave off the hunger pains whilst waiting for Santa to abseil down the tower!

We look forward to welcoming you.

If you represent an organisation that would like to decorate a tree (cost £10), please contact us.

(Update: A massive thanks to everyone who's booked a Christmas tree for the St Andrew's Christmas Tree Festival! We now have over 30 trees booked! We won't be taking any more trees now as we need to get them cut and set up ready for decoration. Looking forward to seeing them all decorated. Thanks again, what an AMAZING community we have!)

Proceeds will go to the St Andrews Church Redevelopment Project:


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